Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the story behind the company name?

A. It is all summed up in 2 Samuell 22:3 "The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the         horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my Savior; thou savest me from violence." We             believe that God has given us the ability to defend ourselves and the right as well. It is our mission to         take from our experience and share what we know so that others may live in peace and have the tools         necessary to go home each night to their loved ones.

Q. Do you only teach LTC classes?

A. As of right now, that is our main course focus. We will be introducing more training options on an                 ongoing basis.

Q. Once I submit my application, when should I expect to receive my license?

A. The department will make every effort to issue your license within 60 days or inform you that you did         not meet the eligibility criteria. Once your application is complete, processing may take up to 180 days
    if your background check reveals potentially disqualifying events or information.

Q. How long is a license valid for?

A. An initial LTC expires on the license holder’s first birthday following the four-year anniversary of the             issuance of the license. In other words, an initial license is valid for four (4) years, and in many cases, for     some additional months. All renewed licenses are valid for five (5) years.

Q. How can I find out if someone is a certified handgun instructor?

A. A list of certified handgun instructors can also be found on the DPS website          You may also obtain the information by calling:(512) 424-7293 or 424-7294 or 1(800) 224-5744.

Q. Will I need to own a handgun before I begin my training classes and can I borrow or rent one from the         instructor?

A. No.  You may prove your proficiency with a borrowed or handgun rented from the range we use                  (depending on the range).

Q. If I am not carrying my handgun, must I still carry my license?

A. Under the concealed handgun law, you are only required to have your license with you whenever you         are carrying your handgun. However, many license holders choose to carry their license with them at all   times.

Q. Can I simply email my documents to the DPS instead of mailing them?

A. Texas residents may now submit supporting documentation to the DPS-CHL Division via the                     online "RSD Contact Us" page. (Out of state applicants must still mail in passport style photos since          no TX DL is on file to obtain a photo)

     Under Select Program, choose "Concealed Handgun" Scroll down and for the topic:*My question             concerns: choose New Application
     Enter your information and you can upload (attach) your documents at the bottom of the page and              submit them electronically to the DPS.

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